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The AVPN Philanthropic Funds are a product of collective action towards tackling the most pressing issues of our time. Whether that be a pooled fund that brings together a diverse groups of stakeholders or a standalone fund, the goal remains the same.

Through this offering, AVPN invites funders to contribute to an existing fund or to start a new fund towards supporting high-impact solutions addressing key challenges across the Asia Pacific region today.


Ecosystem Building with Pooled Funds

Key outcomes

Provision of unrestricted grants to non-profits that demonstrate alignment with the focus of the respective funds.

Galvanise the network towards supporting the growth of non-profits in a sustainable fashion.

Quickly and effectively deploy capital towards impact.

Types of Philanthropic Funds

Members' Experience


You often see emergency responses taking away a lot of time from people who should be focused on the responses because the healthcare that arises is so splintered, often duplicative. And collective action has a broader ecosystem signal, so for us we see that partnerships have a sense of impact at scale.

Hari Menon

Director - India Country Office, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Our communities and small businesses continue to face enormous uncertainty and the disruption of the past year will have lasting impacts that must not be overlooked. We are pleased to announce the latest group of small business and nonprofit recipients through the KKR Relief Effort and we plan to continue these programs in order to be part of the recovery and resiliency our communities need.

Ali Hartmann

Head of Global Citizenship, KKR

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has long believed in the power of collaborative philanthropy to mobilize capital and unite partners to achieve a common goal. We are happy to join this effort to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and strengthen primary healthcare services across Asia.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Across the globe, Chevron is helping communities respond to COVID-19, with contributions towards medical needs, essential workers, education, food banks, small businesses and more. We are proud to support AVPN’s Philanthropic Fund that will strengthen the primary healthcare system and help build a more resilient Asia.

Kurt Glaubitz

Chevron Eurasia Pacific Corporate Affairs

Small businesses are at the heart of every country’s economy and community. The impact of COVID-19 has reinforced the urgency of supporting SMEs and other impacted communities with their digitalization. With this funding, we are proud to support AVPN as they work with local nonprofits to help local businesses and impacted job seekers from underserved communities adapt and succeed for the sustainable future.

KyoungHoon Harrison Kim

Country Director, Google Korea

The more you work in philanthropy, the more you value the lens that other funders have when they look at the same situation, the same grantee, the same broader challenge in a particular context. And that learning is priceless. We try to put grantees and their wellbeing at the forefront and enable them to do their job better. Collaborative philanthropy facilitates that if it is done well because it reduces the burden on grantees to host multiple applications to multiple partners and to have one more streamlined reporting mechanism.

Sarah Jeffrey

Head of Health, Vitol Foundation

Personally, I think it’s a really interesting way to engage. Often we are operating a little bit insularly in our organisations, and you’re trying to get things done and caught up in your own activity. It’s really great just to step back and hear from others about what they’re doing and benchmark yourself informally against where you’re up to. If we take this fund as an example, we can take some lessons from that and apply it to other philanthropy.

Susan Clear

Regional Head, Macquarie Group Foundation - Asia


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Philanthropic Funds

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Customised Funds

Digital Transformation Fund

Supporting practical and transformative tech-driven solutions, that put underserved communities at the center of recovery and future growth.

Pooled Funds

AVPN Philanthropic Pooled Fund

Harnessing the power of collaborative philanthropy, AVPN will manage a Pooled Fund to strengthen primary healthcare systems, thereby mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 and future pandemics in Southeast Asia.

Customised Funds

KKR COVID Relief Fund for APAC Recovery + Resiliency

The fund will go towards interventions and solutions that support vulnerable communities, help frontline heroes and create workforce opportunities to promote COVID-19 recovery across Asia Pacific.

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