Building the ecosystem

AVPN is building the ecosystem for social investors with an active presence in Vietnam - from foundations and impact funds to corporations, intermediaries and beyond.
An upper-middle-income country driven by strong economic development, Vietnam is also fast becoming a hub for responsible investment. Its drive for innovation continues to underpin its emerging social investment market.


Support deals in Vietnam

Support and scale high-impact solutions that have been endorsed by AVPN members throughout Vietnam.

Orbis International trains, mentors, and inspires eye care professionals around the world. We are currently partnering with governments and hospitals in Vietnam to provide eye care to the most needy.

Education, Health

Mapsea Corp.’s job matching platform SEASON is a specialised marine recruitment platform, utilising technology to link marine jobs to the right talent. The returns generated will be directed towards building a marine forest.


We aim to ensure access to high quality, inclusive, and youth-centred life skills and financial literacy for all children and young people worldwide, especially to the most vulnerable.

Education, Employability, Financial Inclusion

Glink provides health care services to the LGBTQIA+ community in Vietnam through a sustainable business model that effectively reaches high-HIV-risk populations with stigma-free, comprehensive care.

Gender, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

The Asian University for Women (AUW) seeks to educate and empower women who will become skilled and innovative professionals, service-orientated leaders in their businesses and communities, and promoters of sustainable development in Asia.

Education, Gender

The project recovers and converts waste plastic from polluted rivers and land into raw material for plastic production, to replace virgin fossil feedstock, lower GHG emissions and improve livelihoods.

Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Energy, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

This project provides a holistic hospitality training program for 30 disadvantaged and at-risk youth aged 16-22 in Vietnam, helping them to secure long-term employment and achieve their own potential.

Education, Employability

Mekong Dam Monitor

By Stimson Center Southeast Asia Program

The Mekong Dam Monitor uses remote sensing processes to provide unparalleled, near-real time reporting on reservoir and river conditions to communities and decision makers in the Mekong Basin.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Energy, Governance


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Building strategic social investment

Vietnam has one of the most vibrant social investment markets in Southeast Asia with many social enterprises operating at scale.


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Lam Ngoc Thao

Executive Director
at LIN Center for Community Development

Maurice Mauchenbaum

Co-founder and Director
at WiSE Philanthropy

Peter Heber Percy

Founder and Investment Manager
at Wardhaven Capital Limited

Alex Downs

Business and Investment Officer
at The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (SNV)

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Building strategic social investment

Vietnam’s social economy is transitioning to the growth stage, driven by collaborative philanthropy and creative approaches to social funding such as pooled CSR funds.


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Christina Ameln

Vietnam Advisor at AVPN